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From Tool Belts to Gun Belts: How to Stop the Gun Violence Wilmington

We attended another “meeting” concerning what to do about the increasing gun violence in the city of Wilmington. This time it was an emergency meeting. Some concerned citizens who knew one of the young murder victims were stirred into action.

As I listened to the remarks and suggestions of the attendees while they searched for solutions to the ever growing gun violence epidemic, I realize that so many people are simply in a slumber until the killing hits home.

We have marched. We have sat. We have taken back a corner for a night and the violence continues to grow out of control. I will say it one more time. We Must Teach our boys to Read. It is extremely important that we over haul the education system in Delaware and get our boys out of a system that is turning them into murderers. It really isn’t that hard to understand that if they are unprepared for the workforce, they will go to work in the streets. So instead of wearing a work hat and carrying a drill, they will carry a gun. When we set forth a plan that includes substantial education reform,we will be on our way to a safer society.