Wilmington, Delaware has become known as one of the most violent cities in America. Black boys are dying left and right predominantly because they lack the ability to fill out a job application. December 12th’s forum held at the Woodlawn Library was a unique opportunity to discuss a viable solution for the future of our children and city, however, some of the people invited to discuss the issue, were there to sell their selves or their project. They wasted a lot time drumming the same old rhetoric. How can you keep trying to fix the un-fixable (public schools). If Councilman Jea Street has been fighting the Board of Education for more than thirty years, and the situation has deteriorated worse than it has ever been, when do we say enough is enough. Continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting different results in this case is not just insanity, it’s criminal. Since Councilman Street introduced “A Plan to Reduce the Violence In and Around the City of Wilmington” in 2005, an increasing number of young Black males have been gunned down and left to bleed to death in the street as their mothers ask why.  

The hypocritical part about the objections of such self-serving individuals is that they run day cares or after school programs on Purchase of Care (POC) money which allows parents the right to choose which early childhood education program is best for their child, but they don’t think parents should have the same right to choose the best K-12 program for their child.


“Choice” means just that; the right and ability to choose the correct K-12 program that best fits the needs of our children. This is a basic right that is being enjoyed by the wealthy, why not the low income parent as well.


It’s time to join our neighbors Pennsylvania and New Jersey who give low income parents the right to choose which program is best for their child, Public School, Charter School, Private School, or Virtual Learning.



One thought on “Perspective

  1. CRI_Delaware January 31, 2013 at 10:42 pm Reply

    I am in full agreement here. Too many times politicians say one thing to people’s faces, then say another to someone else, especially those writing the big checks. Let’s work to make 2013 the year when politicians consider alternatives to the status quo. As Jim Hosley has said, “nothing will change until and unless parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens pressure the politicians to enact change.”

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